I Don't Know How to Do It!

season two Oct 23, 2023
Rollercoaster of change

Season Two, Issue: 07  |  Read Time: 2 min.

I Don't Know How to Do It!

  You have two choices: bail out or buckle up.


Hello, my lovely,

Welcome back to the next instalment of our Productivity Series, tailor-made for solo entrepreneurs like you! Today, I'm sharing the lows of change and how they are all part of the emotional change cycle.


We've all been there. A lightbulb moment. The idea was so brilliant it felt almost tangible, as if you could touch it. You make it your goal, feeling the rush of anticipation. Hands up if you can relate. But then, dawn breaks, and with the cold light of day, the weight of implementation sinks in.


The goal that once filled you with excitement now looms large, casting a shadow of doubt.

What was I thinking?

The enthusiasm starts to wane, replaced by the cold reality of execution. The dream-like rollercoaster suddenly plunges, leaving a pit in your stomach.


Welcome to 

the emotional cycle of change,

the ride of dreams and nightmares.


The "Valley of Despair" isn't just a metaphor; it's the genuine feeling of being stuck in old habits while yearning for change.

Overwhelm is a slap in the face. At the valley's lowest point, the crossroads present two paths: bailout and lose the goal, or choose to buckle up, dig deep, and rise.

Optimism isn't just a feeling—it's a choice.

Small steps forward, learning, adapting, and before you know it, momentum builds. The rollercoaster starts to ascend again. Once fraught with fear, the ride now fills you with joy, fulfilment, and accomplishment.

The valley taught me that ideas, no matter how brilliant, are mere illusions unless acted upon. As solopreneurs, this lesson is invaluable.

Plans and tactics become our guiding light.

When you think of starting something new, like a newsletter, it sounds simple until you delve into the nuances—privacy policies, email software, and welcome sequences. Overwhelm could easily take over. 

But remember this: you always have a choice. Either bail out, forget the dream or buckle up, research, plan, and execute.


Your vision is worth every bump on the ride.



💭 Final Thoughts 💭

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