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Discover your Genius

Step into your Superpower

Simplify the business

Show up as the doctor, not the butler

Create business on your terms

Enjoy every moment in your business

Leave the ego at the door 

Vulnerability is allowing yourself to grow



I help soulful creatives to package their knowledge into an online course or coaching programme.


Stop swapping your TIME for money.

Start swapping your KNOWLEDGE for money.

Through my curiosity, learning and thirst for knowledge, I have become a matriarchal guide in helping my clients find a better and sustainable way of doing business aligned to their soul’s purpose crafting intentional brand strategies and customer experiences for online courses and coaching packages.

I have over 30 years of experience spanning retail, I.T. & systems training and service level management, this is my secret sauce to my superpower.

I guaranteed to have your cup of ambition overflowing.


Your journey starts with Clarity

When you can't see the wood for the trees! 

Two heads are better than one for those days when you are just too bloody close to your own genius!


I’m here to elevate your brand in a unique manner, one I like to call your superpower.

Your superpower is as unique as your DNA. Your superpower is not the title you give yourself but the way you show up in this world, living in alignment with your aspirations, and impacting the lives of others through your product or service.

I want to empower you to transform your passion into a profit.

Emma Brooks The Rebrand Strategist

I'm driven by customer excellence - it’s about winning the hearts and minds of your raving fans, turning them into lifelong clients and everlasting friendships. 

If you are here, there is a reason! You are ready to step into your soul's purpose and live the life you were gifted, and this means having a business aligned to your soul's purpose.

As your business evolves and adapts,  your brand strategy needs to reflect your transformations and growth.

It's my role to guide you through the transition of your business, The Rebrand Strategy is designed to help you create a sustainable business aligned to your soul's purpose.

I've over 30 years of working in service improvements, from retail, I.T. Management and to my passion in life - entrepreneurship where I get to serve soulful creatives. 


As leads filtered into my inbox I felt deflated, you see these leads wanted services that sucked the life out of me, yet through desperation I created a bespoke proposal, only to be questioned on the cost of every item on the proposal! 

I adapted to the needs I tried to evolve and every time I hit brick wall. I sat on the floor of my office with my head in my hands, overwhelmed, frustrated and angry with myself. I just couldn't see the wood for the trees, I was lost inside my own business.

The business that was supposed to be my soul's purpose was killing my soul.  


As I cleared down my inbox, one email caught my attention, I clicked through and heard the words "…who am I and what am I here to deliver…" words spoken by Tony Robbins, which snapped me out of my meltdown.

As I soul searched the penny dropped and the light bulb switched on! My superpower is helping soulful creatives find a better way of doing business, but the missing piece to the service was redefining and simplifying the strategy.  And so the Rebrand Strategy was born out of a need to realign my own soul's purpose to my own business. 


An era of corona pop, making mud pies, playing with Sindy dolls and singing along to Blondie at the top of my voice in the back of my Dad's Vauxhall Victor.

I’m a Brummie* born and bred. Living in Bristol UK with the guy who stole my heart, Martin along with our two feline furbabies, Sprout & Stevie.

I’m a serial online course, junkie!

Self-educated in graphic, brand and web design and to think it all began with an invitation to join a new platform called Pinterest back in 2012.

Weeks later, I emerged with a reignited passion for design and the rest is history.

* from Birmingham UK