Emma Brooks The Rebrand Strategist

Hi, I'm Emma 

I help solopreneurs find a better way of serving their clients.

Through my curiosity, learning and thirst for knowledge, I have become a matriarchal guide in helping my clients find a better and sustainable way of doing business aligned with their aspirations.

I have over 30 years of experience spanning retail, I.T. & systems training and service-level management, this is my secret sauce to my superpower.

I guarantee to have your cup overflowing with ambition. 

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Are you stuck serving clients 1:1?

Do you dream of serving 1:Many?

It's time to talk about the gap between where you are now and where you want to be!

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Your Privacy is important to me.

Made in 1972

Back History


An era of corona pop, making mud pies, playing with Sindy dolls and singing along to Blondie at the top of my voice in the back of my Dad's Vauxhall Victor.




I’m a Brummie* born and bred. Living in Bristol UK with the guy who stole my heart, Martin along with our two feline furbabies, Sprout & Stevie.

* from Birmingham UK



Self-educated in graphic, brand and web design and to think it all began with an invitation to join a new platform called Pinterest back in 2012.

If that was mine



It's what I say when I find a better way!