A Gentle Reminder

season two Oct 09, 2023
Have you written off 2023?

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A Gentle Reminder:

2023 Isn't Over Yet!  

  Just days after blowing out the candles on my birthday cake, I found myself under the weather, courtesy of COVID. Thankfully, I'm on the mend, and while the exhaustion is palpable, I'm conscious of pacing myself to avoid hitting a wall. 

That said, this period of rest and recovery has granted me some clarity, leading to a recalibration of my plans for the remaining chunk of 2023.


Is it too late? 

If you've ever caught yourself thinking it's too late in the year to kickstart a change or bring a dream closer to fruition, think again! We have ten whole weeks ahead of us to make a difference.


Commitment Is Key 

Pick one singular goal. Yes, just one. Allow it to consume your attention, your energy, and your actions for the upcoming weeks. Remember, while we might not have control over outcomes, we absolutely have dominion over our actions.

Ask yourself:

  • What am I willing to let go of to achieve this?
  • What habits or distractions can I eliminate? 
    • Mindless TV watching?
    • Endless scrolling through social media?
    • Or simply hiding from opportunities? 


Shift Your Perspective 

Every action stems from a belief. And sometimes, our beliefs can be anchors, keeping us moored to the same spot. 

  • What limiting beliefs have been holding you back?
  • What self-imposed narratives are due for a rewrite?


Reconsidering Your Stance in 2023?

If you've mentally filed away 2023 as a lost cause, I urge you to view the remaining weeks as a launching pad for 2024. Approach the upcoming year not with frantic searching but with a sharpened focus, charged with intent.


Final Thoughts:

Life is too short to live in the shadows of burnout and unfulfilled dreams. As we head into the last stretch of 2023, let’s reignite our ambition, revitalize our visions, and make our mark on the world.


Ready to turn your vision into reality?

Download the Envisioning workbook to dream big and dream the impossible.

Let’s end 2023 on a high note and lay the foundations for a future beyond our wildest dreams!



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