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I help solopreneurs find a better way of serving their clients using strategy, systems and creative thinking.

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Mind the Gap

Free 60-minute seminar 


Helping heart-centred solopreneurs fill the knowledge gap in their business.

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This is the perfect discovery call for you if you're looking to create an online course or coaching practice.

This is a FREE complimentary 30-minute zoom call. 

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I recommend we start with a complimentary 30-minute discovery call.
Perfect for getting to know each other and figuring out what you need.

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Your superpower is as unique as your DNA. Your superpower is not the title you give yourself but the way you show up in this world, living in alignment with your aspirations, and impacting the lives of others through your product or service.

Transform your passion into a profit.


Clarity Session

Two heads are better than one for those days when you are just too close to your genius! 

When you can't focus on one thing, a Clarity Session realigns you to your purpose.

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Hi, I'm Emma Brooks

I help heart-centred solopreneurs find a better way of doing business.

Through my curiosity, learning and thirst for knowledge, I have become a matriarchal guide in helping my clients find a better and sustainable way of doing business aligned with their aspirations.

I have over 30 years of experience spanning retail, I.T. & systems training and service-level management, this is my secret sauce to my superpower.

I guarantee to have your cup overflowing with ambition. 

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Kind Words


I cannot tell you what a relief it feels.

I've been tethered to my desk, and you have created momentum for my business. 


Abi Pearce