When you can't see the wood for the trees! 

Two heads are better than one for those days when you are just too bloody close to your own genius!


I’m here to elevate your brand in a unique manner, one I like to call your superpower.

Your superpower is as unique as your DNA. Your superpower is not the title you give yourself but the way you show up in this world, living in alignment with your aspirations, and impacting the lives of others through your product or service.

I want to empower you to transform your passion into a profit.

Clarity Strategy Session


£150.00 GBP

An immersive 60-minute virtual strategy session

Here are some of the topics I have covered with previous clients... 

  • Define your aspirations
  • Find clarity in your vision
  • Help to identify your muse
  • Brainstorm an idea
  • Need a second opinion
  • Simplify your offering
  • Figure out what's not working
  • A different perspective
  • Mentorship 

This is your time and I'm realistic about what we can achieve in one session.  We can't fix everything in 60 minutes so choose the topic/concern that will have the greatest benefit.



01. Pre Session

  • Book and pay for your session.
  • Confimation email with login details to access the coaching platform in Kajabi. 
  • Pre-session workbook to be completed prior to the session.
  • Reminder via email and text one hour before our session. 

02. Clarity Session

A clarity session is a 60-minute session to enquiry into your soul's purpose in finding a better of doing business.  

  • 60-minute virtual video session
  • Recorded for you to review


03. Post Session

  • Post-session assessment to gather your initial insights following our session.
  • Invitation to join the Soulful Creatives Club


"Emma was that flash of inspiration I needed, not only to decide what to do next but how to manage my days and showed me how those day-to-day intentions will help me reach my long-term, achievable goals...!"

Ashley Shifflett
Kick-ash DIY Decor