Is your Brand Strategy fit for purpose?

season one Apr 15, 2023
The Brand Audit series :  brand strategy is your's fit for purpose?

 Issue: 010| Read: 2 min. 2 sec. | Action: 30-60 minutes 



Branding strategies are as unique as the businesses they serve.

Developing a successful brand requires a brand strategy that includes several essential components. While branding strategies are unique to each business, the role of the brand strategy is to write and direct the story of the business to attract an audience.



The substance of your business, it’s the reason you decided to be your own boss, your primary aspiration to do business on your terms, serving your dream clients.

PURPOSE: What your brand believes in, the strength behind why you do what you do, your niche, and uniqueness. Your brand's secret sauce!

VALUES: What your brand holds dear and how it does business and behaves.

VISION: Aspirations of what you want to become, your dreams and ideas for your business.

MISSION: The commitments you make to achieve your vision.



Define who you want to be in the mind of your audience, find your place in the marketplace, and identify what makes you stand above the competition.

AUDIENCE: Who do you want to attract, understanding their pain, problems, wants and desires?

COMPETITORS: The choice your audience has in the marketplace is your competition.

DIFFERENCE: This is your secret sauce, your superpower. The reason the audience chooses you.


Action: 30-60 minutes

The Brand Audit: Brand Strategy


Here are five questions to consider when analysing your brand strategy as a solopreneur:


  1. What is your brand's secret sauce?
  2. Is your mission on track?
  3. Are you visible in the marketplace?
  4. What do you do differently from your competitors?
  5. Are you meeting the needs of your audience?


Answering these questions can help you identify areas for improvement in how you approach your business. You may find that from this audit, you need to schedule a time to research and analyse the substance and positioning of your brand. Take time to observe your current marketplace. Has it changed? Who's left, and who's joined? Is the completion harder, or is it easier?

As always, get in touch if I can offer assistance.

If you get overwhelmed with pages of questions like me, don't fear; I have broken the audit into units, with each having five questions. I'll share a unit each week, but if you like to have them and work through them at your own pace, please download the complete set The Brand Audit Workbook.

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 As a brand strategist, my job is to build and protect the brand's core, which is most vulnerable during change and transformation. I bring energy, fresh insights, and new ideas to the table, identify areas where the brand may fall short, and provide recommendations for improvement.


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