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season one Apr 08, 2023
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Do you prioritise taking time to relax, rest and recharge your soul?

As I recover from my burnout, one of the most important lessons I have learnt is never to neglect your well-being.

Burnout recovery can be challenging.

One of my biggest takeaways from this experience is learning to let go. I couldn't start my recovery until I had let go of the guilt and frustration of feeling like a failure. To release this, I had to come to peace with the fact that I'm not 'wonder woman', and my superpowers need care and attention to generate energy and momentum in my business. 


Burnout recovery is personal to each of us. 

I took time to rest, a lot of rest, journalling every day, meditation, and slowly finding my energy for gardening and little DIY jobs around the house, then slowly having conversations and picking up little pieces of work without any pressures or constraints on my time and energy. It is now a non-negotiable to block out time after meetings to decompress. Even a half-hour conversation would tire me out. I also ensure I get daily time to meditate or relax with yoga nidra.

As I slowly return to work, slipping into the old working methods is easy. I caught myself last week considering a 1:1 project, but then I realised it wouldn't bring me joy at this time. Instead, I'm working on my course and writing this newsletter to you. To prevent future burnout, I'm limiting my 1:1 client work in 2023. 


Brand Audit: Spring-Clean Your Well-being

critical aspect of a brand audit is assessing the well-being of the solopreneur behind the brand and identifying areas to make changes to protect the overall well-being of a solopreneur. 

This week I have five questions for you to reflect on as you take time over the Easter holiday to audit your solopreneur's well-being and its impact on your brand. 

Do you need to tweak your process, or do you need to overhaul the whole workflow?

Either way, it's not a weekend to fix it; it's a weekend to reflect on where you are struggling and explore the improvements you can introduce.    

Action: 30-60 minutes

The Brand Audit: Well-being


Here are five questions to consider when analysing your well-being as a solopreneur:


  1. Are you consistently taking breaks to recharge and prevent burnout?
  2. Are you prioritising self-care activities, such as exercise and healthy eating? 
  3. Are you setting realistic goals and expectations for yourself? 
  4. Are you maintaining a healthy work-life balance? 
  5. Are you seeking support from others, such as a mentor or therapist, to help manage stress and maintain focus?  


Answering these questions can help you identify areas for improvement in your overall well-being as a solopreneur.


If you get overwhelmed with pages of questions like me, don't fear; I have broken the audit into units, with each having five questions. I'll share a unit each week, but if you like to have them and work through them at your own pace, please download the complete set The Brand Audit Workbook.

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 As a brand strategist, my job is to build and protect the brand's core, which is most vulnerable during change and transformation. I bring energy, fresh insights, and new ideas to the table, identify areas where the brand may fall short, and provide recommendations for improvement.


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