Niche Starts with You

season one Dec 17, 2022
Your Niche starts with you - chatterbox newsletter 004 Emma Brooks Design

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Let's quickly recap the first 3 steps to finding your Niche.


Most people will fail to niche because they make it about them. 

Niching starts with you. A niche is never about you. 

My father worked in concrete. I learnt the terms of the concrete ratio, depending on what strength you are trying to achieve. A mix of 1 part cement to 3 parts sand to 6 part aggregates is recommended for foundations, along with the right amount of water. 

Like the perfect concrete ratio, the foundation of your niche is a mixology of aspirations, strengths and values.

Over the past three weeks, I have shared the importance of defining your aspirations, strengths and values.

For your reference, I've linked the posts below.

Aspirations - Chatterbox 001: Don't Conform Niche
Strengths - Chatterbox 002: Finding the Strength to Niche
Values - Chatterbox 003: Niching your Values

Combined, these become the footings that underpin an essential part of your niche - your customer.


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