Niching your Values

season one Dec 10, 2022
niching your values


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Step 3 Finding your Niche:

Today I will teach why core values are essential to your niche.


Are you aligned with your core values?

If the answer is no, then this newsletter matters to you.


Most people fail when they put their core values aside to please others to the detriment of their happiness and success.


Core Values are guiding principles vital to you and your brand.


What you can find below

  • Niching your values
  • Authenticity
  • Five common known values 
  • My values
  • Values are for life
  • Values lane


Niching your values

As a solo business owner, your brand values, strengths and aspirations navigate a path to your purpose. When you live aligned to this unique alchemy, you instinctually make the right decisions, and you don't conform easily to others. You see the world through your eyes only, making you unique and in control of your destiny. This is the accountability for living a life full of abundance and joy. 



A vital trait within your brand is authenticity. Your audience needs to know how much of what you are saying is true. They need to see if you can walk the talk. 

If an audience senses a brand is not authentic, they quickly call it out on a social and public platform for all to see and hear. Authenticity is the audience measure of whether a brand lives up to the values it claims to have.


Five common known values

  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Diligence
  • Perseverance
  • Discipline

I recommend between 3-5 core values. You will always have a set of core values which will never change; however, you may prioritise different values depending on lifestyle, age, family, security etc.


My Values

Integrity is one of my values, so when I delved deep into the meaning, I was surprised by the magnitude of this one value. However, it encapsulated everything I needed to express. 

  1. Integrity: Honesty, courage, reliability & trustworthiness, respect, resilient & fairness, patience & flexibility, gratitude 
  2. Growth: Ambition, drive, progress, momentum, learning, knowledge and service improvements. 
  3. Positivity: Finding a better way, optimism, futuristic, cup of ambition overflows.
  4. Curiosity: Visionary, insightful, learner, innovative, inquisitive, challenge, activator, development, clarity, analytical.


Values are for life, not just New Year's resolution! 

Unless you check in on your values, you will lose self-assurance and eventually stray from your lane. My recommendation for creating habits is Atomic Habits by James Clear.


Values Lane

The moment you deviate and sway out of your lane, you lose your purpose, so here are my top 3 tips for staying in your values lane.

  • Make your values a habit - check in daily.
  • Your schedule underpins your aspirations, strengths and values.
  • If it doesn't align with your values, say no.


Action: 1-2 hours

Reflect on what you hold dear to your heart and choose 3-5 core values that align with your aspirations and strengths.


Resource: Free template 

I created a free Notion template for you to record your core values.

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